Does Birth Control Cause Cancer | Birth Control And Cancer


Does Birth Control Cause Cancer | Birth Control and Cancer: Pills for birth control are known to have many negative and positive effects. They relieve cramping and bleeding on periods, depending upon the sort of pill and the dose and assist regulate, reduce, and may act as a contraceptive.

Does Birth Control Cause Cancer

Does Birth Control Cause Cancer

They might also prevent certain types of cancers. Pills for birth control do not protect you from HIV or sexually transmitted diseases. They’ve to be taken at the same time anxiety may increase. They might also cause specific types of cancers. Let’s start with the great news research has shown that pills for birth control may prevent colon, esophageal, and endometrial cancer.

In accord with the American Cancer Society, women who’ve been taking pills have a lower risk of ovarian cancer. Women who used oral contraceptives have roughly a 50% lower risk of developing prostate cancer compared with the American Cancer Society said.

The advantage starts within 3 to six months after starting the pill. The longer you choose it, the lower your risk. The longer the better is a motif with regards to tablets for birth control. The American Cancer Society claims that birth controls tablets and progesterone may lower the risk of cancer also called uterine cancer. They say the danger is lower even.

Pills for birth control and their role in preventing colorectal cancer still needs further research but could be effective, in accordance with the American Cancer Society. Tablets for birth control comprise of a combination of progesterone and estrogen.

Progesterone, popularly known as the pregnancy bodily hormone, tricks your body into thinking you’re pregnant. It is then combined by the pill with estrogen your body requires estrogen and since you aren’t pregnant.

Too much estrogen pill and progesterone, or too much of any bodily hormone for that matter. Can possibly cause cancer since it disrupts the natural cell cycle. Women who’ve taken, or are taking, pills for birth control are more inclined to develop breast cancer than girls who don’t.

The research that has been done is not clear on what exactly the exact lead to is. But it hints that too much estrogen and\/or progesterone is the cause, according to the American Cancer Society. There are also other factors that raise the potential risk of breast cancer.

Final Words

Hormonal and reproductive history factors that raise the potential danger of breast cancer include factors. That might allow breast allowance to be exposed to high degrees of hormones for longer time periods.

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